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Federal Drug Crimes in Phoenix

Phoenix has widespread jurisdiction over trying and sentencing its own drug crime offenders drug crimes overview. However, there are situations where the federal government assumes responsibility for prosecution instead. If this happens, it means federal agencies—including the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and/or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), are involved in the investigation alongside state authorities. You might be facing federal drug crimes charges if:

  • You are caught selling or manufacturing large amounts of drugs
  • You are caught transporting drugs into one or more states outside of Arizona
  • You are arrested by a federal agent
  • You are arrested on a government owned piece of property
  • You are charged with a drug conspiracy, which includes an agreement between you and one or more person to violate drug laws

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If you have been arrested or charged with a federal drug crime, you are facing a very complicated and uncertain process that can permanently affect your life in many ways. Therefore, if you find yourself charged with any kind of federal drug crime in Phoenix, you should immediately seek out a competent, aggressive defense attorney to fight for your rights.

State Versus Federal Drug Crimes Sentencing Guidelines

It is important to understand that Phoenix drug crime charges of any kind can substantially impact your life. This damage is amplified significantly if you are facing federal drug crime charges. If you are arrested on federal drug crime charges, you can face much longer prison sentences, as well as much higher fines than you will face at the state level.

This is why it is essential to decline speaking with state or federal authorities if charged or under investigation, until you consult a reputable defense attorney with experience defending clients charged with federal drug crimes.

Trust Phoenix Criminal Attorney With Your Federal Drug Crimes Defense in Phoenix

Phoenix Criminal Attorney provides our clients with focused legal defense for even the most severe federal drug crimes charges. We will not stop fighting for your rights by making sure that every possible legal option and defense strategy is available to you. If you have been charged with a federal drug crime in Phoenix, contact us today for a private, no obligation consultation at 602-551-8092.

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