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Federal Drug Trafficking Crimes in Phoenix

When you hear the term “drug trafficking,” you might have a significantly different definition than what the federal government says it means. To the federal government, drug trafficking simply means the possession of large amounts of illegal drugs. Some of the individual components of drug trafficking can include:

  • Manufacturing Drugs
  • Distributing, or Transporting Drugs
  • Dispensing, or Selling Drugs

According to the federal government’s statutes federal drug sentencing guidelines, “drug trafficking” can also apply to the possession of drugs with the intent to distribute or dispense them. In fact, the broad generalization of the term “drug trafficking” applies to situations that many people might otherwise consider simple possession. But nonetheless, the federal government uses “drug trafficking” as a blanket term that encompasses every possible action other than small amounts of drugs meant for personal use.

Being arrested and charged with federal drug trafficking crimes can turn your life upside down. It can also be a very frightening and overwhelming experience. This is why if you find yourself arrested for any federal drug trafficking crime, you should immediately seek out a competent, aggressive defense attorney to fight for your rights.

Federal Drug Trafficking Considerations

Federal drug crimes involve mandatory prison time. In order to determine your specific sentence, attorneys and the judge will look at several contextual factors including:

  • Whether the offense harmed another person directly
  • Whether or not a weapon was involved
  • Your criminal history and prior offenses

Any aggravated factors felony information can add to your prison sentence, as well as the amount of fines you will be ordered to pay.

Other Federal Drug Crimes Charges

Federal agencies including the FBI, ATF and DEA can become involved with state and local authorities investigating federal drug crimes cases. Because of this joint participation, in addition to federal drug trafficking charges like the ones mentioned above, many federal drug crimes cases can also involve:

  • Money Laundering
  • Tax Evasion
  • Firearms Possession
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act Charges
  • Conspiracy to Commit a Drug Crime

The presence of these charges can add significant amounts of prison time, as well as much higher financial penalties, to already stiff sentences and fines.

The Severity of Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

If you are found guilty of federal drug trafficking charges, you will face much more severe penalties than if you’re found guilty on state charges.

  • Federal drug crime penalties can include life imprisonment and fines of up to $20,000,000

Federal drug crime convictions are served in a federal penitentiary, which means you may be taken to a location in the United States that is nowhere near Phoenix. If this happens, your family may have a very difficult time coming to visit you due to the distance.

Phoenix Criminal Attorney is Your Federal Drug Trafficking Crimes Defense Attorney

At Phoenix Criminal Attorney, we focus on providing experienced and knowledgeable federal drug trafficking crimes defense for charges of all severity levels. We will not stop fighting for your rights by making sure that every possible legal option and defense strategy is available to you. If you are facing any kind of federal drug trafficking crime charge in Phoenix, contact us today for a private, no obligation consultation at 602-551-8092.

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