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At the Phoenix Criminal Attorney Law Firm we value experience

Phoenix Criminal Attorney Law Firm specialize specifically in criminal defense law and have over 27 years of experience. We have handled many cases and take pride in defending people accused of crimes, including police officers, sheriffs, SWAT officers, Border Patrol agents, and Department of Defense members. Our premier attorneys have been defending clients charged with violating any criminal laws in Phoenix, Arizona for many years and have always made it a point to encourage a clear and professional line of communication with every client through each case. The Phoenix Law Firm provides criminal defense representation throughout Phoenix in an aggressive, experienced, and professional manner.

Do not be misled by other DUI and Criminal Defense attorneys

Many law firms may assure you that they will personally handle every stage of your case but end up only sending an “appearance lawyer.” At the Phoenix Criminal Attorney Law Firm, we promise, in writing, to expertly represent you and handle your case thoroughly and carefully. Our goal is to make sure that our clients are confident that we will prioritize and treat their case with the carefulness it deserves. We will provide each client with their attorney’s office phone number, the number of their cellphone, and their email to ensure the client has a way to contact their attorney because we realize some things may arise outside the hours that comprise the regular business day. Our attorneys make themselves available to the client during the night and weekends, making our dedication and commitment to the client incomparable to other law firms.


Our law firm has a history of accomplishment and reliability

During the life of our firm, the lawyers at the Phoenix Criminal Attorney Law Firm have delivered superior criminal defense representation to our clients. The attorneys at our firm have handled many complicated criminal cases and have managed to establish a track record of success in handling the cases. This track record of success has led judges, prosecutors, and others in the legal field in Phoenix to have the utmost respect and regard for our firm. Through our firm’s dedication, integrity and respect for the ethical standards of the legal profession, we have earned our peers’ and clients’ respect. Working alongside our clients and their families throughout their entire case is very important to us. If you or anyone you know has been arrested, please contact our firm. Our firm offers a free, confidential consultation to help you understand all of the options available to you in your particular situation.

Our attorneys promise to provide honest legal advice and represent you in an aggressive manner. We will communicate with you regularly. Every one of our clients receives a written retainer agreement that provides the client with the services that will be rendered and an estimate for the costs of the services. We make sure to return all forms of communications as quickly as possible, whether that is in the form of email, text, or phone call. At the Phoenix Criminal Law Firm, our entire staff recognizes the importance of the communication between a client and the client’s attorney.

Facing criminal charges can lead to difficulties arising for both the client and the client’s family. Dealing with the court system can be stressful and overwhelming. Finding the right attorney that you can trust and be confident in to help you deal with this process can be difficult. The decision to choose an attorney is one of utmost importance during this process and should not be taken lightly. The right attorney should know the law and will ensure your rights are protected in and out of the courtroom.

Phoenix DUI Attorney

If you call our law firm when you are first arrested, we will treat you with the utmost respect and will be prepared to discuss the options that are available to you in order to ensure you receive the best result possible.

By calling our firm, our attorneys will assure that you do not make any mistakes, such as making self-incriminating statements that can hurt your case, when proceeding with your case. Our attorneys will also investigate the circumstances of your arrest, such as the charges that have been brought against you, and offer legal advice on how to build a strong defense. Our firm’s attorneys will use all resources available to them to build the best case. These resources may include interviewing witnesses, hiring a private investigator, and a careful analysis of all the relevant facts and evidence of your case.

Our team of attorneys can provide representation in criminal DUI cases. Some of our previous clients include labor unions, business executives, and professional athletes who wanted the best representation that could give them the best possible outcome.

The DUI experts at our law firm have dedicated themselves to defending all types of criminal cases, including DUIs. We are glad to take on any DUI case, whether it is a first time offense DUI case or felony DUI where the incident involves substantial damage or even death. A DUI charge can be very embarrassing for a professional to face. A DUI charge can be damaging to one’s career or personal life. If you have been involved with a DUI, you need someone by your side that will not judge you and give you honest legal advice. Our team of attorneys can help you get past the charges you are facing and get your life back on track. At our law firm we can help, we will use our nearly 30 years of experience of dealing with these cases to get you the best outcome.

If you are convicted of DUI, your life can be altered dramatically. Punishments for a DUI conviction can include fines, the suspension or revocation of driving privileges, probation, rise in your insurance premiums, drug and/ or alcohol classes, and even possible jail time.

You have the right to challenge your DUI charges and losing your driving privileges. Having an experienced lawyer will give you the best chance at protecting your rights and provide you with the best argument for your case. Through our experience, we can handle whatever DUI charges you are facing and we will assess your case carefully to provide you with the best available options for your case.

When one of our attorneys takes a case, both the local law enforcement agencies and the government often oppose the attorney. We have experience as civil rights attorneys; this experience allows us to handle dealing with the government well. Through this experience we have defined the law that guides how law enforcement should interact with private citizens.


After being arrested for DUI, many people have unanswered questions. They may wonder will I get jail time? Do they need a defense attorney? How much the attorney and the DUI process costs? What happens at an arraignment? Can they beat a DUI charge? Hiring an attorney will help ensure that you know what your rights are and may relieve some of the stress before your criminal court hearing.

An experienced attorney from our firm can help guide your case in a positive direction. Our attorneys will devote all the time necessary to provide you with the answers to any questions you may have. You will receive advice given by attorneys who have the requisite knowledge and expertise that has been acquired by handling a variety of DUI cases for nearly 30 years.

This website and our blog provide you with information on multiple subjects related to DUI charges. Moreover, the information provided to you below should give you some idea of how to proceed in your DUI case. Remember, if you would like more thorough and specific information you can always contact our office for your free consultation.

Arraignment for a DUI

An arraignment hearing is the first court appearance after being arrested and charged for a DUI. At the arraignment, the charges against you will be formally brought and you will need to enter a plea. You can plead guilty, not guilty, or plea no contest. Moreover, you have the right to contest the charge you are facing. To challenge the charges against you, you must plead not guilty; following your plea the court will then schedule a trial. The arraignment can be a complex and overwhelming process if you do not have an attorney representing you. The presence of an attorney at your arraignment can provide you with assistance, and an explanation of what is happening, so that you are made aware of your rights and that those rights are protected throughout the entire arraignment.

How to avoid losing you driving abilities

In an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI), the arresting officer will confiscate your driver’s license, and the officer will give you a temporary license, as well as provide you a suspension notice. The temporary license only lasts 30 days. After the 30 days have expired, your driver’s license will be suspended. How long your suspension period is depends on how severe the charge against you is and can range from 30 days to one year. Declining to take a breath test during your arrest results in an automatic one-year license suspension. Any prior DUI convictions may affect the suspension of your license, usually prior convictions may add anywhere from 2 to 10 years to your suspension. License suspensions given by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) apply even if the charges for DUI against you are dropped or lessened.

However, if you request a DMV hearing within 10 days after being arrested, you are entitled with the ability to challenge your license suspension. If you hire one of our attorneys, your attorney will be present at your DMV hearing to ensure you understand what is happening and to increase your chances of keeping your driving privileges.

How to request a DMV hearing

In order to challenge your license suspension, you, or your attorney, must call the Driver’s Safety Office of the DMV no later than 10 days after your arrest. If you fail to call within the 10 days after your arrest, the ability to challenge your suspension is waived. People with an out-of-state license have to abide by the same rules; failure to do so will result in the suspension of their license in the state that it was issued in. One of our highly knowledgeable DUI attorneys can provide unparalleled assistance throughout your DMV hearing and will advocate for the best result possible.

DUI charges and the penalties that follow them

If charged with DUI, you may be facing various potential penalties. Those penalties may include jail time, driving privileges being suspended, monetary fines, and other fees. A first DUI offense is considered a misdemeanor, and can include penalties such as, the loss of driving privileges for 6 months, jail time for up to 6 months, and monetary fines up to $1,000. Penalties can also include mandatory participation and completion of drug and alcohol courses lasting 3 - 9 months. If you have had prior DUI convictions you could face more severe penalties.

Avoiding a DUI conviction

A prosecutor will try to make you believe that the charges you are facing are incontestable, however, that is most often wrong. Our attorneys at the Phoenix Criminal Attorney Law Firm are able to analyze the circumstances surrounding your case and provide you with assistance to build the strongest defense to challenge the charges you are facing. Our attorneys will utilize their experience and knowledge in handling DUI cases to best prevent you being convicted of a DUI.

Potential DUI charge defenses

  • The arrest was unlawful.
  • There is not enough evidence to support the DUI charge.
  • There was no probable cause to warrant the traffic stop.
  • The evidence relating to administrating tests was mishandled (blood and breath test procedures).
  • Evidence showing a violation of the defendant’s Miranda rights.
  • The defendant could successfully perform the field sobriety tests.

Any of the defenses mentioned above could be raised to your case appropriately. If you are facing any DUI charges, contact our office to have one of our attorneys assess the specifics of your case in order to decide what defense can best challenge the charges against you. Remember, a good defense strategy often depends on how early it is prepared, in order for the best possible defense to be available to you, make sure to call an attorney immediately following your arrest.

At the Phoenix Criminal Attorney Law Firm we do nothing but criminal defense. We handle cases that range from Felony DUI, Misdemeanor DUI, to any major felony cases; these can include sex crimes cases, aggravated assault cases, shooting cases and other similar cases. We receive many word-of-mouth referrals and we are very proud of that fact that our reputation in serving our clients helps us acquires more clients. The firm receives a lot of referrals from past clients telling others about the services we have provided them. Not only will you get top-notch legal representation from the attorneys within our firm, but also you will also get a team of people who are going to listen carefully and intently care about your case. This is the driving force in our firm and what motivates our attorneys to be the best attorneys possible.

One reason to consider hiring the Phoenix Criminal Attorney Law Firm is our years of combined experience with all types of criminal matters as well as customer service.

We benefit from the experience of being in court every single day. That experience is important to our clients and to prospective clients. Customer service is of paramount importance to everyone at Phoenix Criminal Attorney Law Firm. Our clients are confronted with anxiety and with urgency in their criminal matters. We know that it is important to our client that we go to court prepared and ready to fight for their rights and that is what our team is committed to do. When it comes to protecting you and your rights in criminal cases, we don’t let go; we remain aggressive.

We remain your advocate in court because we know that being arrested for a criminal offense in Arizona can be an incredibly frightening and emotionally upsetting experience. It is also one that can take a tremendous toll on your personal life and professional life, not to mention the lives of your family, friends and loved ones. 

If you are facing any kind of criminal charges, you need to know how the law works, what your rights are, and how to navigate the potentially tumultuous waters that lie ahead. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges at the state or federal level, you need an experienced, reputable defense attorney/firm with many years of experience of successfully defending criminal cases and charges of all severities—as well as one who diligently fights to make sure your rights are being upheld throughout every phase of the legal process. Look no further.

Phoenix Criminal Attorney Areas of Practice

We provide a diverse array of clientele of all backgrounds with aggressively focused legal assistance for misdemeanor and felony crimes including:

We also provide aggressive, experienced and focused legal assistance for:

  • Probation and community supervision (or what used to be called “parole”) program violations
  • Appellate Court processes including Rule 32 Post Conviction Relief and Commutation of Sentence hearings

No matter the details of your case, or the severity of the charges you face, Phoenix Criminal Attorney is here to make sure you receive a fair trial, and to defend you to the full extent the law allows. We get results, and you get the peace of mind knowing that the most comprehensive, committed legal team in Phoenix is defending you at all times.
So, if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law whether you are being accused of a sex crime, domestic violence, or drug possession you will want Phoenix Criminal Attorney on your side. We bring years of criminal law experience to your case and we will provide the necessary representation to protect your rights.

It just takes a call or contact via our website to begin the process of getting us on your side.

When you contact the firm, a legal administrator who will provide initial contact will greet you. From there, a preliminary review of your matter will take place, which will then be followed by a free strategy session and consultation. Each case impacts our clients differently. As a result, we are sensitive to our client’s unique needs emotionally and economically.

We will explain the criminal law process as it pertains to your case and depending on its jurisdiction: Federal, State or City Court. We will analyze and assess your matter and immediately begin mapping out possible defenses and expert needs. We share all of this with you because we aim to be your personal and private defense team. 

Come see us for you free consultation at our beautiful, private, discreet, and prime location close to major freeways and local courts. 




Phoenix Criminal Attorney are Amazing! 

Nothing gets you more scared straight than a pending criminal case and I can tell you first hand that these things happen to even the best of people. As most people, I never thought I would be arrested, charged, and in need of an attorney, I thought that was just for the bad guys. Needless to say, I found myself in this position and by the grace of god I found Phoenix Criminal Attorney. They took my case, they battled, I mean they really fought for me, and in the end I was found not guilty with all charges dropped. I can't say more amazing things about these guys, but I can tell you this.... Call them first! 

Written by: Robert

Best Decision Ever!

I was referred to the Phoenix Criminal Attorney Law Firm by a friend that used them and upon the first call there was something different than what I was getting from other attorneys. They did something no other attorney did, instead of throwing pricing at me and scaring me into what to do next, they listened to my case, wanted to find out all of the details, give me advice and information on how this case would evolve and what I was potentially looking at in terms of penalties, and finally decided if they were a right fit for me. Really, they wanted to genuinely know if they were the best fit for me in terms of representation. I hired them and the rest is history, Best Decision Ever! 

Written by: Martin

A Very Personal Experience

I was facing multiple felonies and I needed an attorney that would fight for me, my freedom is important for my family and myself and I couldn't afford jail time. I did my rounds calling a few attorneys and getting a gauge of what my situation was and what to expect. I scheduled a few meetings and was ready for the worst. My first meeting was with Phoenix Criminal Attorney and I am glad to say it was my last! This was my first and last stop, I felt 100% confident hiring them and knew that this firm was not only going to fight for me but were my best bet to get me great results. My case was settled, all felonies reduced, no jail time, and pretty much an outcome I couldn't have even dreamed of. I highly highly highly recommend Phoenix Criminal Attorney!

Written by: Lawrence